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What it’s like to date someone with a cleft palate
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What it’s like to date someone with a cleft palate

Tonight I decided to sit down with my boyfriend of almost five years to talk about our past. Specifically, I was interested in finding out his initial thoughts and feelings about my cleft palate and what it meant for our relationship. I start off with some basics.   C: What did you first think of … Continue reading

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First Impressions

There’s no doubt that people had some rather.. different.. first impressions of me. Whether it was when I was very young, or more recently, there’s a plethora of first impressions I’d like to share. I think many people might gasp or find some of these impressions rather ignorant, but I ask you to try on … Continue reading

Unrelated but necessary
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Unrelated but necessary

I apologize for my lack of posts recently. Last week,  I lost  my grandpa to Alzheimer’s.  He was a marine, firefighter, father, grandfather, great grandfather, and most of all, a friend. But this post isn’t meant to be sad; it’s a mere reflection on the things he lived for, and what he’s passed on to … Continue reading

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The Early Intervention Program; preschool

At the age of three, I qualified for the “early intervention program” at Lake Road School, or as it’s referred to “preschool handicap”. It was a program/school sponsored by Franklin Township (my town of residence), for children with learning disabilities and handicaps. As I mentioned, I was only three, so what I remember is a … Continue reading